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100% Pure Worm Castings

Organic Soil Builder for All Plants

If you've tried fertilizers, plant food, compost, or other solutions without the results you want, it could be the condition of the soil. Worm castings are high in nutrients and important trace elements that your plants crave. It's the perfect "multivitamin" soil supplement for your garden, yard, or farm.

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How to Use Worm Castings

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What are the Benefits of Using Worm Castings?

Worm castings are the perfect soil supplement for your garden, yard, or farm.

Yes, we area USDA Certified Organic Input. Simple Grow's worm casting soil builders DO NOT contain harsh chemicals or hormones. While other competitors may only contain 20% of worm castings, our products are 100% pure earthworm castings.

Worm castings are richer in plant nutrients. About two times more calcium, five times more nitrogen and seven times more potassium and phosphorus. In addition to the core nutrients that the plant needs to grow, you'll also find copper, zinc, iron, cobalt, borax, manganese, nitrogen, and carbon.

Worm castings fill in the nutritional gaps in your organic garden and crops, as well as creating a great soil for succulents and cactus, so you can grow amazing plants with natural germination.

Soil that's full of fertilizer can burn the roots and permanently damage the plant. With worm castings, however, all the healthy nutrients that the plant needs are water-soluble and can be absorbed right away. You don't have to worry about putting too much worm casting material into the soil, because it will never burn the roots of your plants or flowers.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all bags of Simple Grow Soil Builder. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can simply send in the proof of purchase by mail and we'll refund your purchase price.

How do I request the above?
Simply mail in the proof of purchase and a written explanation of the issue to:
Simple Grow
2514 N Patterson Ave
Springfield, MO 65803

We will issue a refund within 6-8 weeks.

Please feel free to visit our FAQ page for more common questions, or get in touch!


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