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Your Garden Can Help Combat Global Warming

Global warming is a serious problem, and we all need to do our part to fight it. One of the tools at your disposal is the humble garden. It can do a lot to balance out your environmental impact through several distinct benefits.

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Carbon Offset

The excessive amount of carbon in the air is one of the biggest driving forces behind global warming. We can fight against that buildup through carbon offset efforts, which pull carbon out of the atmosphere to compensate for the carbon that other sources contribute. Offset programs are especially important because they can fix the damage that has already been done by undoing carbon buildup instead of simply preventing future problems.

Gardens are a great choice for that because they pull carbon dioxide out of the air to fuel photosynthesis. They will eventually release some of that carbon back into the air as they metabolize glucose, but they will also store a lot of it in their stems and leaves. Some people design gardens that specialize in removing carbon from the air, but any garden will help. Many of the methods that are best for removing carbon also maximize their produce, so you can help to fight global warming while also getting fresh, healthy, and cheap food for your family.

Renewable Energy

Many governments require a percentage of the energy in the grid to come from renewable sources. They enforce that with a system of renewable energy certificates, which they issue to people who produce green power. Companies that don't get enough on their own must buy excess certificates from other producers.

Your garden may be able to earn a few certificates of its own. Biomass and biogas systems often qualify, and they rely on plants to produce power. Some plants produce natural oils that can be used as fuels, while others can be burned, or even composted to produce a usable biogas. The wide array of options mean that it is just as possible to focus a garden on earning renewable energy credits as it is to contribute just a little bit of energy with your garden's byproducts.

Growing a Solution

There are no magic solutions that can fix global warming on their own. Instead, we will solve the problem by making a lot of little changes. Starting a garden can be one of those changes, and it is one of the best options for those who want to protect the natural world.

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