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Ever wish the vegetables in your garden would grow faster and bigger? Have you ever wondered how your neighbors are able to get such impressive results, while your garden leaves much to be desired? If you're tired of the results you're getting, the worm castings in Simple Grow Soil Builder are the silver bullet you've been looking for.

Adding just a little bit of earthworm castings to your garden will help your plants sprout faster, grow consistently, and get bigger than you ever thought possible. Whether you're planting tomatoes, potatoes, corn, green beans, or anything else, worm castings will make a massive difference.

You won't find an easier soil supplement to work with anywhere. You can't use too much and you never have to worry about damaging your plants with worm castings.

What exactly is it that makes worm castings the perfect supplement for your garden?

    • High microbial activity – the good bacteria in castings create the perfect growing environment for your plants.
    • Natural soil aeration – the ball-like shape of the castings prevent soil from crushing around the roots of your plants, ensuring that they get the oxygen they need to thrive.
    • Water retention – Castings absorb moisture and hold onto it. Long after soil loses its moisture, castings are still providing roots with essential water.
      • Trace elements – One of the major advantages that castings have over synthetic fertilizers is that they contain trace elements like manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc, borax, iron and cobalt.
        • Easily absorbed nutrients – Although at first glance, it may seem like worm castings don't have the nutrients found in regular fertilizers. However, the key difference is that they're much more easily absorbed by plants. They're ready to use instantly and it takes minimal effort for the plants.
          • Natural pest-resistance – Worm castings have built-in pest-resistance. This means you can keep pests off of your plants without the use of harmful chemicals being sprayed all over them.
            • Disease protection – If you've gardened for very long, there's a good chance some of your plants have dealt with damage from disease at some point. The healthy microbes in castings form a protective barrier around your plants that will combat disease throughout their life cycle.

            If you're ready to take your garden to the next level (think blue ribbon at the county fair), then you need to try worm castings.

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