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Worms -1lb - African Nightcrawlers

African Nightcrawlers are the perfect worm for fishing, composting, or improving soil condition. Known for growing bigger and being more active than regular worms, African Nightcrawlers are ideal for fishing. They're easier to care for on the way to the water also. Able to live comfortably in 60 to 95 degree temperatures, they don't require refrigeration. Fish love their extra activity while on the hook as well as their bigger size.

African Nightcrawlers are also the perfect addition to your garden or yard. At Simple Grow, we use them because they make the best castings and produce a lot of them in a short period of time. Imagine having your own little version of Simple Grow, churning out castings and improving the condition of your soil naturally. The beneficial enzymes and nutrients in the castings will make your plants grow like crazy.

Have a compost pile? African nightcrawlers are great at composting, as they can eat 150% of their body weight every single day.

Birds, fish, lizards and other animals love them as an all-natural food source too.

Orders are shipped out on Monday and Tuesday to ensure live delivery. All orders are guaranteed to arrive alive.

Approximately 300-500 worms per lb.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brandon Glenn
Fantastic Experience In the End

I ordered 2 lbs of Africans and at first I was disappointed that the lack of movement for the first day or 2 . They seemed almost dead when compared to my Europeans and Red Wigglers. I think it may have been just to cold for them at the time. I brought them in the house for a couple days and all of a sudden they were off to the races. Within a few days I had a think beautiful layer of castings. It was an amazing site. I am new to worms and will for sure be ordering more of these. Customer service was also top notch. One recommended however would to add some holes to the shipping box. Mine arrived with no holes and the packages had a bit of a funky smell but it went away in a day. Highly recommended this company.


this company really cares about there worms five star shipping, happy worms I will be buying more

Barbara Doyen

Well-packed, arrived in great condition.

Henery Hawk
The Best

In the spring I bought a pound of African nightcrawlers. I threw some steer manure from Home Depot on an old pile of wood that was decaying and now I have African nightcrawlers all over the place. After a rain here during Halloween I had African nightcrawlers in my yard in my pasture in my chorale, their just everywhere.

Truitt Ball
I've got worms

Awesome packaging and super fast delivery. Can't go wrong here. Perfect.

nutrient rich worm castings
approved for organic use fertilizer
safe fertilizer for all plants
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