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Worm castings are the most potent and powerful soil supplement you can use in your garden. While many people have become familiar with them and love using them, you may not be familiar with the term “worm casting tea”. What exactly is worm castings tea and why should you care? Worry not, Simple Grow Soil breaks things down!

Liquid Gold

Worm casting tea is essentially a liquid form of worm castings that you can apply on your plants, garden, or yard instead of the normal dry format of worm castings. Although it’s called “tea”, that doesn’t mean that you should drink it. It’s referred to as tea because it’s made in a similar way. The process doesn’t turn it into a refreshing drink that you’ll enjoy on the front porch during summer. You still put it on plants. 

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How it’s Made

The process of making worm casting tea is quite simple. Start out by pouring water into a five gallon bucket. Then you pour in about five pounds of Simple Grow Worm Castings and some molasses. At that point, you place a bubbler into the water and turn it on to run for 24 hours. After 24 hours, take the bubbler out and filter the liquid through a cheesecloth or filter.

This will remove any of the small worm castings particles from the liquid. You now have worm casting tea! It’s best to apply it within six hours of completion, as the microbes in the tea will die if you don’t get them onto soil or plants. 

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One of the major benefits of worm castings tea is that it can go farther than regular worm castings. The process of making the tea essentially extracts the microbes from the castings and multiplies them. This means that you can cover a larger amount of garden or yard compared to if you had used dry castings. 

By using worm casting tea, you can also apply it more frequently. Many people will spray it on their plants every 1-2 weeks during growing season. Since it only takes a few pounds to make a batch of tea, you can keep doing it as often as you like. 

Another benefit of worm castings tea is that you can spray it onto plants. This helps form a protective barrier around the exterior of the plant. The chaitin in the worm castings tea is transferred to the plant, which acts as a natural form of pest resistance. Any bugs with an exoskeleton will want to stay away from the surface of the plant at that point. 

You can also spray the castings tea right onto the soil if you’re planting. It will soak into the soil and provide the beneficial microbes to any seeds under the soil.

Many people apply worm casting tea to their yards with a sprayer, because you can cover an entire yard with just a few pounds of castings. This does wonders for your grass.


Using worm casting tea is an extremely powerful method to help your plants, but there are a few drawbacks compared to using dry worm castings. It’s not quite as powerful as if you mix the worm castings into the soil when you plant. By doing that, you get some extra benefits.

For one thing, it helps to aerate the soil because of the physical structure of the worm casting pellets. They can’t pack down under pressure, which means it’s easier to get oxygen to the roots of the plant.

Another factor is the moisture control that worm castings provide. When you apply worm castings at the base of the plant, they can absorb water and then release it to the roots of the plant as it’s needed. This means that you don’t have to water quite as frequently and the plants will always have water exactly when they require it. 

Another drawback of worm casting tea is the additional time and effort that is required to make it. You don’t just take it out of the bag and apply like you do with worm casting tea. It takes at least an additional day of prep time. 

The microbes in worm castings tea also don’t last that long on their own. If you recall, we put molasses in the mixture when making the tea. That was to provide the microbes with a food source. While it helps them multiply fast during the brewing process, they also die relatively fast unless you apply them.

By comparison, the microbes in worm castings can last for months or years at a time until you apply them and get them wet. This makes them more practical and easy to work with in some situations. 

Overall, worm casting tea is a powerful liquid soil supplement that you can use in almost any application. By using it, you can improve the health of your plants, help them grow bigger, and protect them during the growing season.

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If you're tired of growing puny vegetables and fruits, it's time for an upgrade...Simple Grow Worm Castings!

What are worm castings? Another term for worm manure. Why would you want to use it in your garden, raised beds, and house plants? Because it makes them grow bigger, faster and healthier...with no chemicals!

How do worm castings do this? It's like giving your plants a powerful multivitamin with everything they need to grow. Trace minerals, nutrients, and most importantly...worm castings are chock full of beneficial microbes. Why does that make a difference?

In recent years, we've learned the importance of gut bacteria for humans and know that it impacts so many different parts of our health. The same thing applies with worms. Gut bacteria from the worm's digestive tract gets into the soil from the worm castings and promotes plant health. Plants have a symbiotic relationship with the microbes from the worm's digestive tract. Plants respond to it and grow really big...really fast!

If you've never tried worm castings before, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Instead of using traditional chemical fertilizers from the big box store, why not try fresh, certified organic worm castings this year? You'll be able to grow bigger, healthier plants that you actually can feel good about eating. 

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