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Worm castings, also known as vermicast, are organic fertilizers produced by earthworms. Earthworms feed on compost and the thatch layer of grass, breaking down complex organic material into simpler forms. Earthworms then excrete this organic matter as worm castings, which enriches and enhances the quality of the soil.

If you are a lawn enthusiast looking for quality fertilizers, you might be wondering, "Are worm castings good for lawns?" In short, the answer is yes. Worm castings provide essential nutrients, which leads to healthier lawns. You can apply worm castings as side-dressing and top dressing on your lawn. Mixing worm castings with your soil also yields beneficial results.

About Worm Castings

Packed with nutrients and essential microbes, worm castings can rejuvenate your yard. Firstly, worm castings introduce beneficial microbes to the soil. Moreover, they extract toxins and harmful microorganisms from the ground, improving the overall quality of your soil. Thus, your lawn will be able to improve in health and appearance.

That said, ensure that your soil doesn't contain an overabundance of earthworms. The more earthworms, the more castings they'll produce. Too many worm castings could burn your lawn.

How Do I Apply Worm Castings to My Lawn?

Applying worm castings to the grass as a top dressing is the simplest and best way to add all the essential supplements and microorganisms to the soil. Since the worm castings have a slow-release formula, it does not cause the burning of plants.

How to Use Worm Castings

The general process of spreading worm castings as a top dressing is pretty simple. You can use the following tools to save time and spread it more periodically.

Broadcast Spreader

A broadcast spreader is a spreader that flings the castings around as you walk through the lawn.

A dial allows you to pre-set the amount of worm casting you want to use. It consists of a bin at the base that opens and spreads larger particles like worm castings evenly and efficiently.

Compost Spreader

It is an excellent option for covering more ground in less time. It has a screen that allows bigger particles to fall through the lawn easily.

These spreaders are relatively pricey, but these are a good option if you mix regular compost with worm castings.

Worm Tea Spray

Worm tea refers to a spray people create by mixing water with worm castings. The spray introduces a variety of beneficial microorganisms to your lawn, and it also prevents the burning of grass.

Do Worm Castings Have Disadvantages?

There are not many disadvantages associated with worms. Worm castings are fortified with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are essential for the rejuvenation and resilience of your garden. However, an excess amount of castings can prove harmful to the grass.

Unsightly Appearance

Too many worm castings can smother the grass and prevent moisture and sunlight from entering the soil and root zone. As a result, this not only gives your lawn an unsightly appearance but also harms the overall health of the grass. Moreover, small mounds of worm excrement multiply over time and form bumpy surfaces on the lawn.


An excessive number of earthworms attracts other pests that can destroy the aesthetic of your lawn. Some of these pests include grubs, moles, and other burrowing pests.

How to Deal With Excessive Worm Castings

You can take certain measures to eliminate the excessive worm activity and ensure that it does not pose a threat to the health of your lawn. Don’t worry, you won’t have to kill any worms.

Raking or Sweeping

You can rake the earthworm castings across your lawn using a power rake. This breaks up the lumps of worm castings and spreads them across the turf. Also, remove grass clippings and thatch layers, as they attract the worms to your yard.

High Mowing

Cutting the grass below the recommended limit can damage the crown, which is responsible for producing the grass blades. That, along with excessive worm castings, can make your lawn look like a nightmare. To tackle this, high mow your lawn to keep the unsightly bumps hidden until the issue is resolved.

Refrain From Overwatering

Earthworms prefer moist soil, so overwatering your lawn can add to the problem of increased earthworm activity. If you start watering the yard with gaps and keep a few inches of topsoil dry, the earthworms will burrow deep into the soil in search of water.

Top Dressing

Over time, uncared lawns appear bumpy and uneven due to the build-up of excessive earthworm castings. Such lawns require proper restoration if the damage is severe. However, top dressing can fix moderately damaged lawns. In some cases, the lawns may require proper aeration.

Advantages of Worm Castings

Some of the benefits of worm castings over common fertilizers are:


Unlike chemical fertilizers, there are no health concerns associated with worm castings. These are 100% natural fertilizers that can safely be used around kids and pets.

Balanced Nutrition

Worm castings have a perfectly balanced NPK ratio of 5-5-4. In addition, they also contain other essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, and sulfur.


Worm castings contain beneficial microorganisms. These microbes are useful for plants and soil and repel unwanted pests, thus improving the soil. Additionally, worm castings promote 20% more microbial activity than normal soil.

Retention of Water and Drainage

Worm castings have an excellent ability to retain moisture. When applied to the soil, they increase the soil's water-retention capacity and help reduce compaction. This can benefit greatly in times of water scarcity.


So, are worm castings good for lawns? Yes. In fact, earthworms are a necessity for healthy gardens and plant growth. Using earthworm castings as a natural fertilizer for your garden provides your garden with essential nutrients, increases your soil’s water retention, and keeps your soil aerated. Therefore, it is safe to say that worm castings are the best natural fertilizer you can get your hands on.

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