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Worm castings have entirely revolutionized the world of fertilizers. These superfoods, which contain organic matter from worms, are a fantastic fertilizer for plants. Worm castings contain several beneficial microorganisms, nutrients, minerals, and nitrates.

However, some plant lovers are worried about the effects of these organic fertilizers on their plants. Pure worm castings contain zero chemicals, and your plants will never grow tired of them. Can worm castings burn plants? What are the benefits of worm castings? Learn more in this article.

What Are Worm Castings?

If you've been searching for better ways to grow your garden plants naturally, then worm castings are what you’ve been looking for. Worm casting is just a polite way of saying “worm poop.” When worms are kept in compost bins or a farmhouse, they decompose food and leave their manure behind.

These manures, also known as castings, are incredibly rich in micro-organisms and other nutrients plants love. In simple words, worm castings are substances that have passed from one end of a compost worm to another.

Furthermore, it is easy to retrieve this nutrient-rich manure. If you are growing your worms in a compost bin, all you need to do is add some extra food to move the worms to the bin's surface. Once the worms get to the surface, you can easily retrieve the leftover manure.

How Do Castings Benefit Plants?

Earthworms, such as red wiggler worms, are stored in compost bins and fed with kitchen scraps, vegetable scraps, and other natural food. Once the worms decompose these foods, they leave behind a chock-full of organic plant food.

These natural superfoods contain beneficial microorganisms that boost plant growth and disease resistance. Worm castings contain over 50 micronutrients and trace minerals. These nutrients include magnesium, calcium, potassium phosphates, and nitrogen.

According to reports, plants that grow on worm castings have much higher yields than plants on chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, castings act as a barrier to help plants grow in soil where the pH levels are too high or too low.

Additionally, these organic fertilizers significantly improve soil structure soil aeration, and they provide your plants with a protective covering against insect pests. What's more, you can apply these superfoods to both your indoor and outdoor plants. Overall, here are the top five reasons why your plants need worm castings:

  • Boost plant growth
  • Increase plant yield
  • Improve soil aeration
  • Increase plants' immunity to pests and diseases.
  • Increase soil water retention capacity

Disadvantages of Using Worm Castings

All fertilizers have advantages and disadvantages. However, the good thing about worm castings is that their disadvantages are in no way harmful to your plants. Pure worm castings are 100 percent natural and do not contain any chemical that may burn or harm your plants.

Unlike standard fertilizers, the only issue with using too much of these superfoods is that you might run out of fertilizers before covering most of your plants. Worm castings take time to make and may not be sufficient for all your plants.

These superfoods in no way attack your plant roots or flowers. As long as there are enough of these fertilizers to go around, you can stack your potted plants with them. In case you are still wondering what the disadvantages of using worm castings are, here are a few:

You May Need More Fertilizers

Some plants have a large appetite for macronutrients, so using only worm castings may not be enough for such plants.

Production Takes Time

Since worms are small, making enough casting takes a long time. It takes several months to grow, feed, and gather your worm manure. This may be a real issue for people with many garden plants.

Bad For Acid-Loving Plants

Worm casting provides a protective barrier to help plants grow even in acidic soil. These barriers prevent the plants from absorbing any soil nutrients. On the other hand, acid-loving plants need high PH soils to thrive and will not grow properly on worm-casting enriched soil.

Uses of Worm Castings

One of the best gifts you can give your plant is chemical-free soil packed with nutrients. To help you out, here are some common uses of worm castings:

Seed Germination

Mix a handful of these superfoods in your soil to boost your seedlings' growth. These superfoods will provide your seedlings with the protection they need early on and promote their growth.

Side Dressing

When side-dressing your plants, you can dig these superfoods into the soil, or you can sprinkle some of the fertilizer around your plants. You don't need to be concerned about using too many organic fertilizers as your plants will not get burned or harmed.

If you are side-dressing an outdoor plant, then sprinkle a handful of these fertilizers around your plants and water them. This action would significantly reduce the chance of pests wreaking havoc on your plants.

Lawn Conditioning

Soils tend to lose some of their nutrients and potency with long-term usage. As a gardener, your job is to revitalize and restore the health of your soil. At this point, staying away from chemical fertilizers will be a great choice.

On the other hand, worm castings will provide your soil with the nutrients they need and rejuvenate it in no time. Furthermore, soil castings boost the absorption rate of the soil, ensuring that your plants always get enough water.

Liquid Fertilizer

You can turn your worm castings into liquid fertilizers, commonly known as "worm casting tea." All you have to do is steep a handful of these superfoods in water to moisten. Just imagine you are making tea.


The best gift you can give to your plants is chemical-free soil packed with dozens of nutrients. Worm castings contain many beneficial microorganisms and nutrients. These superfoods boost plant growth, improve soil structure and soil aeration, and enhance plants' resistance to pests and diseases.

Another vital advantage of these organic fertilizers is that you can apply them to all your garden plants, and using too much of them is not harmful.

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How do worm castings do this? It's like giving your plants a powerful multivitamin with everything they need to grow. Trace minerals, nutrients, and most importantly...worm castings are chock full of beneficial microbes. Why does that make a difference?

In recent years, we've learned the importance of gut bacteria for humans and know that it impacts so many different parts of our health. The same thing applies with worms. Gut bacteria from the worm's digestive tract gets into the soil from the worm castings and promotes plant health. Plants have a symbiotic relationship with the microbes from the worm's digestive tract. Plants respond to it and grow really big...really fast!

If you've never tried worm castings before, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Instead of using traditional chemical fertilizers from the big box store, why not try fresh, certified organic worm castings this year? You'll be able to grow bigger, healthier plants that you actually can feel good about eating. 

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