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Tomatoes are one of the most commonly grown vegetables in most gardens and planters around the world. They’re an extremely versatile plant that can be used in many different foods, and some people love eating them right off the vine.

If you’re looking for the best way to grow tomatoes, you’re definitely not alone, as they can be tricky to get just right. If you’re researching different soil supplements and additives, one of the most interesting things to consider is worm castings.

Worm castings have a number of different benefits when it comes to using them with tomatoes. Why should you consider using worm castings in your tomato planting? Simple Grow Soil has you covered!

Getting the Ideal PH

One of the important variables to consider when growing tomatoes is the PH of the soil. When you’re trying to grow the best tomatoes, having a PH of about 5.5 to 6.8 is the ideal range. Most compost is on the acidic side. Worm castings have a neutral PH around 7.

This means that when you combine compost with worm castings, it typically makes the overall PH of the mixture right in that ideal range for tomatoes. When you create an optimal PH range, tomatoes are more likely to thrive and grow quickly.

Beneficial Microbes

One of the biggest things that worm castings have going for them is the amazing microbes that they provide tomatoes. Most gardeners are unfamiliar with the way that bacteria can impact the growth of a plant. A lot of them get tied up in the N-P-K ratio matrix and only look at that when trying to find the right fertilizers.

While those things do play a role in the plant growth, beneficial microbes can have an even bigger impact. The microbes in worm castings are perfectly formulated to promote tomato growth and health. They condition the soil and you’ll most likely be amazed at the impact they have on the plants. 

Nutrients and Minerals

Another big factor in tomato growth is the mixture of nutrients and minerals surrounding the roots of the plant. You want a robust mixture of trace minerals in the soil and just the right nutrients. Worm castings happen to provide a lot of what tomatoes need to grow the right way. Learn about the NPK ratio of worm castings here.

For example, there are trace amounts of calcium in the soil, which is big for tomato growth. The level of nitrogen in worm castings is also great for tomatoes. You might be thinking “it’s only 1% nitrogen, though right?” That’s correct. But not all nitrogen is created equally. 

Some nitrogen in fertilizers is not easily absorbed or used by tomato plants. For example, it might have 10% nitrogen in the fertilizer, but only .5% of the nitrogen actually gets absorbed by the plant because of the format that it’s in.

When you instead use worm castings, all of the nitrogen can be absorbed and used by the tomato plant. It’s absorbed almost right away and used over the long-term as well. When you combine that with the microbes I mentioned earlier...oh man. Your tomatoes are going to love this mixture. 

Water Regulation

One of the areas where tomato growers often struggle is in figuring out how much to water their plants. Some people water too frequently and try to do too much. Others don’t water often enough and they end up killing the plants. If you try to put too much water on them, they can develop mold and root rot and essentially drown in the water. 

By using worm castings, you essentially give yourself a backup plan on the watering. Worm castings work like tiny little “smart sponges.” When you water, they absorb some of it before it dries out of the rest of the soil. Then when your tomato plant needs water, the worm castings will release some into the soil. They seem to know just when to give the tomatoes more water. 

When you use worm castings, it’s a good idea to water a little less frequently than normal. That way you don’t run into the root rot issue. The castings will help regulate the water for you, so that you can focus on other things more often. When you think “Oh no! I forgot to water the tomatoes!” you can rest assured that your worm castings have your back. 

Overall, worm castings are one of the absolute best things that you can use when planting tomatoes. When you choose worm castings for your tomatoes, make sure they’re high quality, premium worm castings like Simple Grow Worm Castings. You’ll notice a difference and you get more for your money.

Choosing a cheap worm casting or worm compost product may actually turn you off from them in general and you’ll get a lot of filler in the bag. It’s usually best to spend a little more and get a much better product. 

Grow Bigger Plants with Simple Grow

Do you wish your plants would grow bigger? Was your garden less than it should've been last year?

If you're tired of growing puny vegetables and fruits, it's time for an upgrade...Simple Grow Worm Castings!

What are worm castings? Another term for worm manure. Why would you want to use it in your garden, raised beds, and house plants? Because it makes them grow bigger, faster and healthier...with no chemicals!

How do worm castings do this? It's like giving your plants a powerful multivitamin with everything they need to grow. Trace minerals, nutrients, and most importantly...worm castings are chock full of beneficial microbes. Why does that make a difference?

In recent years, we've learned the importance of gut bacteria for humans and know that it impacts so many different parts of our health. The same thing applies with worms. Gut bacteria from the worm's digestive tract gets into the soil from the worm castings and promotes plant health. Plants have a symbiotic relationship with the microbes from the worm's digestive tract. Plants respond to it and grow really big...really fast!

If you've never tried worm castings before, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Instead of using traditional chemical fertilizers from the big box store, why not try fresh, certified organic worm castings this year? You'll be able to grow bigger, healthier plants that you actually can feel good about eating. 

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