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If you’re in the market for worm castings, figuring out what you should be paying can be a challenge. The pricing can be confusing, as it’s packaged in different sizes and amounts. Ultimately, the pricing will depend on the quality of the castings, the amount that you’re buying, and how far away you are from the source. Let’s explore these different factors involved in the worm castings price per pound.

Factors that define Worm Castings Price per Pound


Perhaps the biggest factor in the pricing of worm castings is the quality of the product. You might be thinking, “It’s worm crap! Are there really different qualities involved?” The short answer is…yes. Yes there are. What goes into the quality of worm castings?

The type of worm used is a big indicator of quality. For example, a lot of products out there that claim to be worm castings are actually vermicompost made by red wigglers. Red wigglers are an ideal worm for composting, but the castings they make aren’t the highest quality. That’s because the input that the worms consume is compost, which can include animal manure, leftover food, and yard waste. That doesn’t lead to the highest quality output from the worms.

By comparison, if the worm castings are made by earthworms, such as African nightcrawlers, that tends to mean you’re dealing with a higher quality casting. These earthworms are known for going deeper in the soil and eating what’s in the ground. They make bigger castings that don’t have all of the things in them that vermicompost does.

If the manufacturer uses a controlled diet of rich, black dirt and grains, that also creates a fantastic casting. This is the ideal mixture for plant growth and has an immediate impact on the plant. If you don’t control the worm’s food source, the microbial life and nutrients in the castings will not be consistent.

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The amount of worm castings that you buy also has an impact on the price. The more you buy at one time, the cheaper price you’ll get on a per-pound basis. For example, for entry-level worm castings made by red wigglers, you might pay as little as $.30/pound if you buy in bulk, or as high as $3/pound if you buy in small bags.

For high-end worm castings made by earthworms eating a controlled diet, you might pay as little as $.40/pound if you buy in bulk, or as much as $5/pound if you buy in small bags. It’s a pretty wide variance, and the more you buy, the more money you’ll save in the long run.

Distance from Supplier

Another big factor in determining the price per pound is the distance from the supplier. Worm castings are a heavy, bulk product. That means that shipping isn’t going to be cheap. If you find a good source that is close by, that will cut down on your total cost per pound because the shipping will be less. If you have to ship it across the country, the shipping charges can really add up.

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Do you wish your plants would grow bigger? Was your garden less than it should've been last year?

If you're tired of growing puny vegetables and fruits, it's time for an upgrade...Simple Grow Worm Castings!

What are worm castings? Another term for worm manure. Why would you want to use it in your garden, raised beds, and house plants? Because it makes them grow bigger, faster and healthier...with no chemicals!

How do worm castings do this? It's like giving your plants a powerful multivitamin with everything they need to grow. Trace minerals, nutrients, and most importantly...worm castings are chock full of beneficial microbes. Why does that make a difference?

In recent years, we've learned the importance of gut bacteria for humans and know that it impacts so many different parts of our health. The same thing applies with worms. Gut bacteria from the worm's digestive tract gets into the soil from the worm castings and promotes plant health. Plants have a symbiotic relationship with the microbes from the worm's digestive tract. Plants respond to it and grow really big...really fast!

If you've never tried worm castings before, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Instead of using traditional chemical fertilizers from the big box store, why not try fresh, certified organic worm castings this year? You'll be able to grow bigger, healthier plants that you actually can feel good about eating. 

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