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Worm castings are one of the premium soil supplements available anywhere. Their high microbial life, ample trace minerals, and myriad of nutrients make them the ideal choice for any type of plant growth. While you may know that they are amazing, it’s not always easy to find them locally.

If you’re asking yourself, “where can I buy worm castings locally?” you are not alone. Depending on where you live, there are a few common spots that you’ll find worm castings for sale. Here are some of the most common spots to find them:

Farmer’s Markets

In some areas, there will be a local vendor selling them at the farmer’s market. Since they are a natural, sometimes organic product, producers will often look to local farmer’s markets to sell their castings. The advantage of buying castings from the farmer’s market is that they are available and local. However, the downside is that the consistency of the product may vary. A lot of these sellers are “mom and pop” operations that make the castings in their garage. The quality control processes and controlled food supply for the worms may not be there. This creates an inconsistent product that may or may not be teaming with beneficial microbes for your plants. If you can’t find them elsewhere though, it may be worth a shot.

Hardware Stores

In many cases, you’ll be able to find worm castings in your local hardware store. Look for them in the fertilizers and soil supplements section of the store. When you buy this kind of worm castings, you’re getting castings from a producer that is more established and has a more consistent production process. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the highest quality. In many cases, the brands on the hardware store shelves is made for mass production and quality isn’t the highest that it could be. A lot of these brands are made from red wiggler worms, which is basically a compost product. That means that the microbe count isn’t as high as it is in pure earthworm castings, and the nutrients may not be as numerous. While you will find some benefit for your plants, it may not be the amazing plant food that you’ll get from pure earthworm castings.

Big Box Stores

Another common place to find worm castings is at your local big box store. If you live in a city big enough to have a Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menard’s, etc, you’ll likely find small bags of worm castings on the shelves. Like at the hardware store, they’re usually located with the plant foods, fertilizers, and soil supplements. The quality is often the same as what you’d find in a hardware store. These products are made on a mass scale and quality isn’t usually the most important factor.

Buy Online

If you’re interested in quality, Simple Grow worm castings are the premium product available in the market. If you’re not able to find it on the shelves of your local store yet, the best way to get it is online. We take painstaking efforts to make sure that the quality of our worm castings is top of the line. We use a proven system that controls the food source and environment of our worms, so that they can produce a consistently high-quality worm casting.

The proof is in the results and in our many happy customers. We can have the worm castings delivered to your doorstep within a couple days in most cases. Don’t worry about traveling down to the farmer’s market or big box store for a likely inferior product. Order the best with Simple Grow.

Grow Bigger Plants with Simple Grow

Do you wish your plants would grow bigger? Was your garden less than it should've been last year?

If you're tired of growing puny vegetables and fruits, it's time for an upgrade...Simple Grow Worm Castings!

What are worm castings? Another term for worm manure. Why would you want to use it in your garden, raised beds, and house plants? Because it makes them grow bigger, faster and healthier...with no chemicals!

How do worm castings do this? It's like giving your plants a powerful multivitamin with everything they need to grow. Trace minerals, nutrients, and most importantly...worm castings are chock full of beneficial microbes. Why does that make a difference?

In recent years, we've learned the importance of gut bacteria for humans and know that it impacts so many different parts of our health. The same thing applies with worms. Gut bacteria from the worm's digestive tract gets into the soil from the worm castings and promotes plant health. Plants have a symbiotic relationship with the microbes from the worm's digestive tract. Plants respond to it and grow really big...really fast!

If you've never tried worm castings before, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Instead of using traditional chemical fertilizers from the big box store, why not try fresh, certified organic worm castings this year? You'll be able to grow bigger, healthier plants that you actually can feel good about eating. 

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