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Organic fertilizers are a great source of nutrition for plants. However, they are usually stinky and have a long composting process. So, the question is, which organic material is better, worm castings vs. cow manure? Here we’ll compare worm castings (vermicompost) and cow manure.

Both are organic waste, beneficial for plant growth. However, they have some aspects that are different from each other too. Vermicompost is obtained from worms; they are worm poop. In comparison, manure comes from cows. Here, you can also consider horse, cattle, or chicken manure. All of these serve the same purpose.

The animals need a lot more extra care than the worms. You only need to keep an eye on the escapees in the latter. Otherwise, they usually remain in their plastic bin. So let’s see in-depth how the two differ.

How Is Vermicompost Different From Manure?

Worm castings are more suitable than the other manures types. In any type, fresh manure will harm your plants as they contain high nitrogen concentrations. Worm castings also require five to six months to be ready. 

Vermicompost gives porosity and improves soil structure better than cattle manure. It also helps in developing beneficial microbes for the plants. Let’s discuss earthworm castings’ advantages over traditional compost.

Worm Casting’s Edge Over Manure


This worm’s fertilizer is cheaper than the other animal’s waste. You will need to buy feed for the cows, which would take a lot of money. However, for vermicomposting process, you can work with things already available.

Set a box with worms feeding and provide them with food scraps, vegetable scraps, shredded paper, and other kitchen scraps. You can build a worm farm from your garden soil, and you won’t need to buy other things.

Requires Less Space

Handling cattle is a more head-scratching process than making own vermicompost. You will need a big space somewhere in your house for the animals, while a worm farm can set up in a box. Just take proper care of aeration by making tiny holes, not big enough that the worms escape out.

The plastic bin will lie in the corner of your house. Also, if you take care of aeration, vermicompost is odor-free. So, it won’t even bother you in your everyday routine.

More Nutrients

The significant factor differentiating worm castings from animal manure is that composting is more nutrient-rich than the latter. The chemical analysis of worm composting shows higher nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Instead, fresh manure has a high nitrogen ratio that can burn plants rather than have positive effects.

As a result, it helps produce healthier plants and healthy soil. Due to being black, it won’t look unpleasant on garden soil as the compost heap. The organic matter also helps the microbial activity to support plants in nutrients.

Why Is Worm Castings Better?

Good For Plants Health

We have stated that vermicompost is good for plants’ health, but how good is it?

According toresearch, vermicompost has 13.4% organic carbon, 1.6% nitrogen, 1.0% phosphorus, 7.6% calcium, and 0.73% potassium. These npk values and other nutrient percentages are higher than the garden compost percentages. Due to this larger nutrient content, worm castings are great for garden soil.

These nutrients result in better growth, immunity, reproduction, food storage, and transportation. As a result, the plant gives better fruit beneficial for your body.

Helps To Grow Faster

Vermicompost helps plants to produce more plant growth hormones. The plants that grow in worm composting are taller than those growing in other composting. They are even better for potted plants to grow quickly enough to plant in the garden.

According tocloud front, vermicompost plants are taller than plants with usual inorganic fertilizers and manures over two years. So, a worm’s composted soil can result in fast growth and taller plants.

Improves Fertility and Microbial Activity

This organic fertilizer is good for your garden plants and improves the soil at the same time. Since it has a higher npk value, it is also essential for the soil; you can grow anything in it.

Also, vermicompost helps establish beneficial microbes that can act as pesticides and remove weed seeds. Instead, in animal composting, small food particles pass through their digestive system and help weeds grow. These organic fertilizers also produce a compost pile that invites other pests. 

Water Retention and Aeration

Vermicompost is also important for water retention in the soil. It provides enough time for plants to take up the maximum amount of water and other beneficial organic materials to get it. The nutrient content in the worm castings dissolves well in the water it holds.

Also, it makes the soil porous for proper aeration. Aeration is important in the decomposition process. Otherwise, weeds and other pests grow in this garden or yard waste. They feed on the nutrients that plants require and produce harmful elements in the compost pile. The worms’ organic matter gives the correct aeration to the soil improving its fertility and other factors.

Lowers Chemical Fertilizers Need

Vermicompost is the best alternative to chemical fertilizers. If you feed plants with too much chemical fertilizers, they might burn plants. However, you don’t need to worry about worms composting. The more, the merrier. It will safely give the same results.

However, you will need more composting for the same nutrients, but you won’t risk the other side effects of chemicals. Also, you are indirectly utilizing your food scraps. So, you never need to worry about the nutrients department.

Final Verdict

Vermicompost is far better than cow manure and other manure types. It requires less effort and is also odor-free. You will need less storage space, and it has more nutrient concentration. Plus, worms don’t disturb at night with their noises. 

In short, they are a better organic fertilizer option than the other ones. So, go and prepare your own vermicompost, or better yet grab some Simple Grow, for your plant’s great health.

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