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Ever drive up to your house and wish the yard or landscaping looked a little more desirable? Whether your landscape is full of trees, flowers or grass, worm castings can give them a boost.

With worm castings, you can achieve results that you never before thought were possible. How exactly are earthworm castings supposed to help you improve your yard, flowers, and trees?

  • Organic matter – One of the common issues that people have when growing trees and grass is that the soil is too barren, due to a lack of organic matter. Commercial fertilizers won't help with this problem and many people turn to compost in this situation. With worm castings, you get the nutrients and minerals of an amazing fertilizer, while also depositing essential organic matter into the soil.

  • Moisture Retention Trees are known for stretching their roots out to great distances in order to absorb essential water necessary for growth.  But what if there's just not that much moisture in the soil in your area?  Worm castings can help here too.  Earthworm castings actually absorb and retain moisture in the soil so that it's there when your tree roots need it.  This allows you to get by with using less water overall.

  • Flowers bloom faster and grow bigger –  Studies have shown that worm castings help seeds germinate and sprout up faster than normal. Not only that, but it's not just a short-term boost either. The trace elements in castings contribute to lasting growth for flowers over the long.

  • Keep pests away – Depending on where you live, you might have to deal with pests getting on your flowers and destroying them. Flowers planted in worm castings actually have a protective barrier around them from the healthy microbes in the castings. This ensures that your flowers will be there for the entire season without being eaten up by bugs.

  • Built-in disease protection – Flowers, trees, and grass can fall victim to some nasty diseases that prevent growth or keep them from realizing their full potential. The microbial activity in worm castings helps plants avoid diseases throughout their life cycle.

        Earthworm castings help your yard and landscape more easily get the nutrients, air and water they need to thrive like never before. If you're tired of getting the same old results, it might be time to step up to worm castings.

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